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Bosch BL 8989L Bosch Heavy Duty Multi Speed Brake Lathe

  Brake Lathe  BL8989 High Performance Multi-Speed Combination Brake Lathe (Lathe only)


BL 8989L




Bosch Heavy Duty Multi-Speed Brake Lathe (Lathe and 8010 Adaptor Kit)

Rotor Capacity


Max Rotor Width


Max Rotor Thickness


Drum Capacity


Drum Depth of Cut


Flywheel Capacity


Flywheel Friction Surface Capacity


Max Weight

150 lbs

Spindle Speed

52, 105 RPM

Rotor Feeds Per rRvolution


Drum Feeds Per Revolution



115V 50/60 Hz




525 lbs


1 year parts, 6 months labor, and qualifies for the  Bosch Wheel Service Promise!!


Key Features

Value Includes Professional Setup Free of Charge Includes setup, installation, and training by a certified Bosch professional
Value Includes Shipping Costs Free of Charge Includes setup, installation, and training by a certified Bosch professional
Quality Superior WarrantyPlusBosch Service Promise Best in class warranty (1 year parts, 6 months labor), Plus the service promise commits to getting your equipment up and running within 48hrs or Bosch extends your warranty.
Performance Multi-Speed Arbor Options Three available arbor speeds: 100, 150, and 200 RPM along with adjustable rotor and drum feed speeds provides extreme versatility and flexibility
Performance Extended Reach Full 10" drum resurfacing capability for full truck coverage
Performance Positive Rake One Pass Tooling Cut more material in a single pass, (up to 0.50”). Meets OEM finish quality specs on a single pass without any extra finishing steps needed.
Performance Best in Class Muscle Mass 470 lb. solid metal casting that eats up vibration and allows for a smoother cut than the competition.
Performance External Motor Assembly Mount The external motor mount design cuts down on vibrations that are otherwise transmitted to the cutting surface giving you a smoother cut than the competition.
Performance Huge Dovetail Way and Gibb Design True machine shop quality design that fully supports the tool motion at all times. This more rigid tool support construction eliminates vibration and allows for smoother cuts than the competition.
Performance Tapered Roller Bearing Arbor Supports Bosch brake lathes utilize tapered roller bearings instead of straight bushings to support the spinning arbor. Tapered bearings tightly surround the arbor to minimize slop and allow the cutting heads to cut deeper and smoother than the competition. Bushing designs are inherently flawed as they require gaps to allow for arbor motion.
  Recommended Accessories        



Brake lathe Accessores Bosch

Brake Lathe Accessories Bosch Brake Lathe accesorries Bosch Brake lathe Accessories  






Grey brake lathe bench with upper and lower storage areas

10 Pack of replacement carbide inserts with screws

#8050 Premium three jaw chuck adaptor group

Platinum adapter group for passenger cars, composite rotors, and light trucks through 1 ton trucks

  Brake Lathe Accessories Bosch Brake Lathe Accesorries Bosch Brake Lathe Accessories Brake lathe accesorries Bosch  
  8030 8020 8010 F00E900847  

Gold adapter group for passenger cars and light trucks through 1/2 ton trucks

Silver adapter group for passenger cars and light trucks Bronze adapter group for passenger cars and light trucks Three jaw lite chuck kit (single sided chuck w/ 1 plate)  
  Brake Lathe Accessories Bosch        


  Brake lathe dust containment unit (Bench not included)        
  Bosch Brake Lathes...Faster. Better. Stronger, their revolutionary brake lathes are designed with supreme accuracy to make operation quicker and safer. Bosch models incluce High Performance and Heavy Duty Brake Lathe, machining Centers.  
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