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C202SE CEMB Industrial truck wheel balancer with pneumatic lift

  Features and Benefits


C202SE CEMB truck tire production balancer for non-stop continues 24/7 use on performance tires and others. The only pneumatic locking wheel balancer Comes fully assembled.

  • The C202SE is a universal wheel balancer that operates at high precision on truck, bus, light commercial, and car wheels thanks to a 40mm shaft and to a rich standard equipment including cones and adapters. Also suitable for motorcycle wheels using optional adapter
  • Pneumatic Shaft Locking
  • Pneumatic stationary break useful during wheel mounting and counterweight application. The Powerful and ergonomic (soft) type lift enables excellent centering accuracy of the wheel on shaft.
  • Computerized Wheel Balancer for cars and light trucks
  • C202SE balances steel & light alloy wheels of cars, light trucks and Bus, Motorcycles Wheels (with optional adaptors)
  • Pedal Operated pneumatic lift
  • Fully Automatic cycle with breaking
  • Shows static and dynamic unbalance
  • Optimization program to compensate the tire unbalance with the rim unbalance
  • Self-diagnosis and self-calibration
  • Menus for quick selection of the following:
    • ounces to grams
    • inches to millimeters
    • unbalanced thresholds 0.1 or 0.035 ounces (1-5g)
  • One Button split & hidden weight program
  • Automatic distance and Diameter entry
  • Direct weight location program (no repositioning of stick-on weights)
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  User Manual C202SE  
  Technical Specifications  
  • Power requirements 115V
  • Max. Power absorbed 0.03 Kw
  • Shaft Size 40mm
  • Balancing Speed < 70 rpm truck
  • Balancing Speed < 100 Rpm car
  • Balancing Accuracy < 10g truck
  • Balancing Accuracy < 1g car
  • Rim diameter 10" - 30"
  • Rim width 1.5" - 20"
  • Maximum wheel weight 550 lbs or (250kg)
  • Operating Temperature °F 32-113 (°C 0-45)
  • Average Cycle Time 20 seconds truck
  • Average Cycle Time 8 Seconds car
  • Packing Dimensions L58" x W43" x H59"
  • Gross Shipping Weight 575 lbs

Manufacturer reserves the right to make any and all alterations
it may consider suitable without notice.

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  Standard Accessories    
  Standard adapter set with three cones, quick lock ring with hand wheel for wheels with a center hole from Ø from 1.6" to 4.33" (43-110mm). standard accessories 3 cones  
  8.5 Super Cone (for G.M.C.-6500 series & International using 19.5 rims) Note: must be used w/3 piece cone kit. optional 3 super 8 cones  
  3 Piece Truck Cone Kit (same as above, but includes, G.G. spacer ring to fit: (Ford F-350, 450, 550). optional truck cone kit  
  Truck Wheel Weight Pliers accessories truck wheel weight pliers  
  Optional Accessories      
  SR215/2 Lug Adapter Kit   lug adapter  
  Dayton Adaptor 20" - 22.5"   daytona adapter  
  Dayton Adaptor 22" - 24.5"   dayton adapter  
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