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Corghi Passenger Car Tire Changer Standard Accessories

  Standard Accessories:    

Models 9220, 2024, 9824

  Models 9220, 2024, 9824
A. Lube Bucket #432825
B. Lube Brush 415248
C. Tire Lever #444238
D. Tire Lever Cover (6) #246241A
E. Set of Jaw Protectors (12) #254343
F. M/D Head Bottom Inserts (5) #258898A
G. Set of Inserts (10) #254341A
H. Bead Clip #435685A
I. Jaw Protector for Teeth (12) #260755A
J. B/B Blade Protector (6) #258383A
K. Bead Pressing Lever* on Machine except on 9220 and 2024 #242834A
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