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Flo Dynamics Air Conditioning AC Service Equipment

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  FLO SERIES Refrigerant Recovery / Recycling / Machine FFX SERIES Refrigerant Management Center  
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  FLO SERIES Refrigerant Recovery / Recycling / Recharging Machine  
  fl01000 apx filler  
    ARXF5 - Filter/Dryer for FLO and FFX Series  
  The heart of the FLO SERIES is the patented motorized ball valves which eliminates the use of solenoid and check valves in the recovery and evacuation flow paths. Both of these components are highly susceptible to in-field failure when exposed to foreign contaminants such as aftermarket A/C sealants, dirt and burn outs. Patented high speed 2 - Cylinder oil-less compressor for fast and complete revovery. The flow control technology and 6 CFM PRO-SET® vacuum pump allow you to evacuate systems up to 50% faster. Intelligent self diagnostic capabilities and quality “MADE IN THE USA” manufacturing all contribute to create a solid unit you can rely on to run smoothly in those busy summer months. Complies with SAE J2788, SAE J2788H, & SAE J2843 standards for High Voltage A/C systems. AC Flow Series Air Conditiong flow dynamics  


  • No assembly required
  • Superior mobility with heavy duty
    casters and pneumatic wheels
  • Oil-less twin cylinder compressor
  • Charges High and Low side or both
  • Multi-language interface includes: English, Spanish,
    French, German and Chinese
  • Flow control technology enables faster and more
    accurate recovery, recycling and recharging
  • SAE J2788, J2788H, & J2843 compliant per SAE J2911
    listing requirements
  ac flows internals flow dynamics  
  ac flow series specs  
  Manual FLO1000    
  Manual FLO1234    
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  FFX SERIES Refrigerant Management Center ffx series flow dynamicns  
  fx series  


Flo-Dynamics proudly presents the latest in refrigerant management ease and endurance with its line of RMC that quickly and efficiently recover, recycle and recharge automotive AC systems.


  • 7” Color touch screen control panel
  • Motor-controlled ball valves
  • 1-2-5 Warranty
  • Dual handle bars/hose drapes
  • Displays maximum load up to 220 lbs. (up to 100 kg)
  • Multiple language interface
  • Refrigerant Management System monitors
    filter life and refrigerant usage




  • 50 lb. recovery tank
  • 1 hp oilless compressor
  • Recovery rate = 1 lb/min
  • 6 CFM vacuum pump
  • 3.5” Gauges
  • 10’ Power cord
  • 115v, 750 W
  • 7” Color touch screen control panel
  • Patented Motor-controlled ball valves
  • Dual handle bars/hose drapes
  • Foam-filled wheels
(R134a & R1234yf)
  Manual FFX134A  


  • Supports multiple languages/UOM
  • Built-in vehicle database
  • Quickly change features at the touch of a button
  • Interact with ease
Manual FFX1234  
  FFX1234yf Quick Start  
  ac fx series screen ac fx screen 2  
  ARXF5 - Filter/Dryer for FLO and FFX Series  
    ARXF5 - Filter/Dryer for FLO and FFX Series  
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