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Flo Dynamics Nitrogen Generator Filling Station

  Nitrogen Generator / Filling Station Tyger 3  
  NĪT Rider Advanced Nitrogen Filling Station  
  Nitrogen Generator / Filling Station Tyger 3  
  tyger3 text Typer3  
  • Maintains tire pressure better
  • Keeps tires 20% cooler
  • Nitrogen-filled tires use less fuel
  • Potentially reduces tire failures by
    as much as 80%
  • Improves handling and performance


  • Cost-effective, turn-key, add-on service
  • Runs on shop air alone
  • Small footprint and high portability
  • Nitrogen membrane output purity > 96%
  • On-board six (6) gallon tank stores 43 gallons of Nitrogen at 115 psi
  • Complete with four deflators, service value
    calculator and green stem caps
  • Vacuums and inflates 225/70/R16 in 1 minute 45 seconds enabling service of 5-7 vehicles an hour (@34.95 per vehicle, that’s $175-$245 per hour potential revenue)
  • Automatic nitrogen tank refill when tank pressure drops below 100 psi—refills at 1.8 CFM
  • Easy change filters with sight change indicators
    Approved filling gun with large pressure gauge
tyger deflators  
  includes set of tire deflators  
  tyger filters  
General Service, Quick Lubes, Non-tire Specialty Shops
  943000 - Replacement Filter Set  
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  New - Coming soon - NĪT Rider Advanced Nitrogen Filling Station    
  nit rider advanced filling station Nit Rider NFS-500 nitrogen filling station  
  New ! ! ! - ! AVAILABLE 3Q 2017!  


  • LCD screen displays tire pressure of all four tires at start-up—identifies potential problems before N2 filling 
  • Integrated N2 Purity Tester provides live in-service N2 data
  • Unique feature allows different settings of front and rear tire pressures and automatically fills to both levels 
  • Proven PSA technology assures fast and productive N2 output 
  • Expandable N2 output and storage—grows with your shops needs 
  • Nitrogen output of 96%+ assures valuable service 
  • Can service up to 6 tires at once (Optional T-Hoses required) 
  • Triple air and inline carbon bed filtration help extend the life of nitrogen producing sieves


Electrical: 12 Volts
Air Input: >16 SCFM @ >115psi
N2 Output: 8 SCFM @ 120psi
Hoses: (4) 24 ft. service hoses

N2 Storage: 20 gallon internal tank
Dimensions: 28”W x 36”D x 58”H
Shipping Weight: 371 lbs.

N2 Storage: 7 gallon internal tank
Dimensions: 23”W x 36”D x 58”H
Shipping Weight: 362 lbs.

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