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Flow Dynamics A/C Equipment CLIMA/CS   CCST 288

  ccsr288 star  
  “The Height of Climate Control Service Technology”    
  Flow Dyanmics CS CCST288/CCST200  

Flo-Dynamics, a leading innovator in automotive fluid exchange technology, proudly presents CLIMA/CS. CLIMA/CS A/C equipment is smart, reliable and fast. CLIMA/CS technology has been proven with use in many countries throughout the world for over 12 years. CLIMA/CS is available in two models, the CCST388 and CCST288.

  • Fast, efficient refrigerant recovery and recycling

• Fast liquid refrigerant transfer—1 lb per minute

• Automatic or assisted operation

• Large display provides menu-driven operation and service status - multilingual readout

• Intell-a-Purge™ air-purge system NEW!

• Automatic oil purge

• Built-in oil injection

• Heated power charging when needed

• Audible notification of service end, filter and vacuum pump oil change

• Great mobility and locking front wheels

• One year warranty

• Design certified for compliance with SAE J2788


• 110 VAC 60 Hz
• 5 CFM Vacuum Pump
• Internally mounted 50-lb DOT tank with   IMO tank-full switch
• Dimensions: 41”H x 24”W x 22”D
• Weight: 198 lbs

  Flow Dynamics Cs CCST288 / CCST200 filter  
  Replacement Filter
for CCST288:

P/N FR200
  ccst288 panel    
  Fully Interactive Control Panel    
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