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Flow Dynamics C-VAC3

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  Coolant Service Machine  
  Many Advanced Features
Make the C-VAC3 Machine a
Profitable Investment...

• Dual new fluid tanks

• Rapidly drain & fill coolant with the   radiator mouth suction & fill process

• Quickly & completely flush/exchange   all coolant in the system

• Drain for component change

• Perform a pressure test on the system
& radiator cap


• Dimensions:
 52"H x 23"W x 27"D
• Shipping Weight:
 176 lbs.
• New Fluid Tanks:
 7 Gallons (2)
• Waste Fluid Tank:  8 Gallons (1)
• Power:
 12V DC & Shop Air
• Step Adapters
to fit 1-1/8”, 1-3/8”
1-1/2” & 1-3/4” Hoses
• Warranty:  Limited 1 Year

  • 2 Separate 7 Gallon New Fluid Tanks
  • 8 Gallon Waste Fluid Tank
  • Automatic New & Waste Fluid Tank Shutoff with Indicator
  • Shepherd’s Hook Style Hose Hanger
  • Recessed Storage Area
  • Small Footprint
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Easy to Move with two 10” Rear Wheels, 2 Locking Front Casters, & Handle
  • Pressure/Vacuum Gauge
  • Quick Seal Connectors keep fluid inside the hoses rather than on the floor.
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