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Flow Dynamics Transmission Fluid X-Changer TSD450

  TSD450LCD TS450  

Flo-DynamicsTSD450 Transmission Fluid X-Changer has the fastest, most reliable, and now the easiest transmission fluid exchanger on the market... dipstick or inline!


Additional Key Exclusive Features:
• Select ANY quantity from 1 to 20 quarts
• Easy to follow screen prompts
• Power interruption memory
• Quart Counter
• Pause Button
• Volt Meter

  Start Menu    

Roto-cast polyethylene body and tanks
Fully interactive LCD menu
Ergonomically correct working height
5-inch locking caster wheels
Clear service hoses
Adapter hoses for easy hookup
Easy-access service panel

  ...flush in progress... SPECIFICATIONS:  
  • Dimensions:  39"H x 24 3/4"W x 25"D
• Shipping Weight:
 95 lbs.
• Fluid Tanks:
 24qt. New & Waste
• Power:
 12V DC from vehicle's battery
  ...when complete.    
  • Accurate sensor technology allows optimum fluid level to be maintained in vehicle’s transmission.
  • Two in-line 10-micron absolute fluid filters capture microscopic particles and contaminants.
  • Easy to use adapters allow quick hookup to virtually any automobile make and model, saving time and money.
  • Clear service hoses give visual confirmation of new and used fluid movements.
  • Ergonomically correct working height means greater productivity, less stress and strain.
  • Durable roto-cast polyethylene body and tanks prevent vehicle damage. The unit is also lightweight and durable, for easier handling and longer life.
  • Large 5-inch locking caster wheels make machine easy to maneuver.
  • Fully automatic. Performs an entire exchange with the push of a button.
  • Requires no pit, lift, ramp or auxiliary power supply, and utilizes vehicle’s 12-volt battery, so it can be used anywhere.
  • 2.5 gallon per minute pump ensures rapid exchanges.
  • Completes fluid exchange in minutes.
  • Remove fluid feature allows easier & cleaner removal of pan for filter change when necessary.
  • Waste fluid is drained at the touch of a button. So there’s no need to turn the machine upside down. Less effort and downtime mean greater efficiency.
  • Dual Process: Full service exchange or optional dipstick mode with no cooler line connections required.

Fully interactive control panel provides easier operation with
closer monitoring for greater efficiency, control and cost savings.

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