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Tuxedo Garage Equipment Stands

  3/4 ton capacity      
    Model Number: 3320-Stand    
  • 3/4 ton capacity under hoist stand with foot pump
  • 12" diameter base for a steady balance
  • 3" x 3" saddle
  • Height range 54.5" - 80.5"
  • Extra 4" of height with foot pedal
  • Ideal for working on shocks, suspensions and exhaust systems
  Specs Sheet    
  Two ton capacity      
Model Number: 3315-Stand    
  • Two ton capacity under hoist tripod stand
  • All steel construction
  • Height range 55" - 85.5"
  • Adjustable saddle screw for load positioning
  • Ideal for all under hoist work including exhaust and suspension
  Specs Sheet    
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