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      Miscellaneous Shop Equipment  
  A/C service equipment A / C Service Station Recovering / Recycling / Recharging  
  Autobody Frame Rack Straightener, Rotisserie  
  Curing Lamps Single Lamp Infra-Red Paint Curing Unit  
  Cylinder High-density chrome plated rods  
  Misc. Shop Equipment Air Powered Hydraulic Pump, Auto rewind Hose Reel  
    Mobile Paint Panel Holder  
  Oil Drains Self-Extracting Under Hoist Oil Drain  
  Power Units Power Units from 110 vots to 220 Volts  
  Shop Presses Ideal for pressing all bearings and U-joints    
  Spray Washer Cabinet Perfect parts washer for any automotive repair shop    
  Tire Spreader Manuall Verticle Tire Spreader    
  Tool Boxes Stainless Steel Tool Box    
  Transmission Jacks Single and double Stage Transmission Jack    
  Under Hoist Stands Ideal for all under hoist work including exhaust and suspension    
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