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NTF 15 Nitrogen Filling Systems

  Generates nitrogen on-demand using shop air source. On-board tank for storage of generated nitrogen. Eliminates need to purchase nitrogen!  

RTI Technologies  NTF15 Nitrogen Generator

RTI’s NTF-15 is the perfect portable on-demand

nitrogen generation station for shops with lower

service volume requirements or for dedicated

single tire fill and top-off applications. The

NTF-15 is a single hose unit and features the

same exclusive vacuum and fill process found on

the NTF-515 platform. The NTF-15 incorporates

NitroPRO nitrogen generation technology including

large-bore membrane and multi-level filtering

componentry and is factory pre-set to generate

95% purity but can also be manually adjusted to

produce higher purity levels. Automatic machine

shut-off operation is standard.

Consumer marketing support

materials available

  Nitrogen Generator  


NitroPRO Tire Filling System

(2.1 SCFM capacity membrane) P/N 455-80009-00

Large-Bore N2 Membrane

• Less susceptible to contamination

• Increased N2 throughput & efficiency


Filter System

• H2O Separator – 99.9% efficiency

• Oil Separator – 99.9% efficiency

• Carbon Filter Bed – separates & purges random gases

• Fine Particulate Filter – traps fine particulates &

residual moisture


Fill Gun

• Digital display w/ variable units of measure

• Superb accuracy, within (+/- 1%)

• Illuminated display w/ auto shut-off

• Durable rubber coated housing

Single Tire Fill Hose

• Utilizes vacuum/inflate process

• Perfect for rapid single tire fill & “top-offs”

• Coiled hose with fill gun - perfect for “top-offs”

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