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NTF 515 Plus Nitrogen Filling Systems

  Generates nitrogen on-demand using shop air source. On-board tank for storage of generated nitrogen. Eliminates need to purchase nitrogen!  

RTI Technologies NTF15Plus Nitrogen Generator

RTl's new NitroPRO® NTF-515 is the professional's choice fornitrogen tire inflation with more nitrogen tire fill capability andvariable nitrogen purity level flexibility. Major features include:

Application flexibility - dual setting provides either 95% or

98% N2 purity at the outlet with the twist of a wrist!

Superior productivity -automatic operation, up to (6) tire

simultaneous fill!


Super-fast service times -about 7 minutes for (4) 225/60R15

tires simultaneously!

  Nitrogen Generator  

Rechargeable Battery

• Provides power for full day of use

• Standard 11 OV outlet re-charge

• Conveniently located recharge connection port

• Power recharge


N2 Purity Selector

• Decide what's best for you ...95% or 98% purity level

• Superior market adoptability

• Simple operation


Fill Gun

• Digital display w/ variable units of measure

display •••~

• Superb accuracy, within +/- (1)%

• Illuminated display w/ auto shut-off

• Durable rubber coated housing


Large Bore Membrane

• Fully Aged, no degradation over time

• Less susceptible to



Rear Wheel Assemblies

• Cushioned, Non-Inflatable

• Permanently Lubed Bearing

• No Maintenance Required

Control Panel

• Inlet air pressure gouge

• N2 reservoir pressure gouge

• Tire fill digital controls


Inflation Processor

• Battery powered for complete portability

• Fully automatic operation

• Automatic system purge after service

• Easy programming Filter System

• H20 Separator - 99.9% efficiency

• Oil Separator - 99.9% efficiency \ • Carbon Filter Bed - separates & purges random gases

• Fine Particulate Filter - traps fine particulates &

residual moisture


Dually-Fill Hose Option

• Readily adopts machine to (6) hose fill cop ability

• Available as accessory kit

• Simple &convenient connection


Single Tire Fill Hose

• Utilizes vacuum/inflate process

• Perfect for rapid single tire fill

• Coiled hose with fill gun perfect for "top-offs"


Multiple Tire Fill Hose

• Standard configuration (4) hose tire fill

• Accommodates majority of N2 tire fill applications


Hose Storage

• Side mount hose storage neatly bundles 4-hose


• Keeps hoses separated &out of the way

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