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NTO-200 Handheld Nitrogen Inflation System


RTI pioneered portable nitrogen tire inflation equipment with our NitroPRO® machines, known for superior quality and performance. Now with the NTO-200, you can have the same NitroPRO® quality system for your shop’s small-scale applications.


Rti handheld nitrogen inflation system NTO200

Simple to use, simple to maintain!

• Quick connect adaptor hooks to your shop’s existing compressed air system

• This lightweight and highly portable tool will top off 4 tires in less than 10 minutes

• Digital display for clear operation

• Self-contained membrane cartridge is easily removed by simply unscrewing the cartridge locking ring

Offer more services to your customers!

• Stop turning away customers because you don’t have nitrogen capabilities

• Increase revenue

• Build customer loyalty

  Handheld Nitrogen Inflation System NTO-200  

The NitroPRO®NTO-200 is the perfect tool for these nitrogen inflation applications:

• Individual Tire Conversions

• Tire Top-Offs

• Motorcycles

• ATVs

• Bicycles

• Lawn & Garden Equipment

• RVs

• Sporting Goods

• And So Much More!

NitroPRO® Membrane Technology

RTI’s NitroPRO® membrane performs consistently over a wide temperature range and will not deteriorate in garage environments. All NitroPRO® polymer membranes are fully aged and stabilized before factory shipment to maximize and maintain NitroPRO®’s high nitrogen purity and generation performance for the life

of the cartridge.

Handheld nitorgen NTO200  
  RTI Handheld Nitrogen Inflation System  
  Estimated Lifetime Grip* 50,000 Tire Fills  
  Estimated Lifetime Cartridge* 12,000 Tire Fills  
  Estimated Lifetime  Cartridge* 55,000 Tire Top-Offs @ 120 PSI  
    40,000 Tire Top-Offs @ 125 PSI  
    30,000 Tire Top-Offs @ 130 PSI  
    19,000 Tire Top-Offs @ 135 PSI  
  Nitrogen Capacity** 1.8 CFM @ 68°F (Average)  
    (at 145 psi Inlet Pressure)  
  N2 Purity at Cartridge Outlet 95%, Average  
  Inlet AirQuality ISO 8573-1: 2001 Class 3.-.3  
  It is not allowed to feed liquid/aerosol condensate, water or oil into NTO-200.  
  Inlet Pressure 72-160 psi  
  Max Tire Pressure*** 50% of Inlet Pressure  
  Temperature -4°F to 122°F  
  Overall Weight   2.6 lbs  
  Cartridge Weight 1.3 lbs  
  Overall Dimensions       25.2” X 9.1” X 3.5”  
  Cartridge Dimensions    17.7” X 3.5” X 3.5”  
  Certification CE Conforming (EMC and PED Art.3.3)  
  Warranty - Grip 12 Months, Limited */**  
  Warranty - Cartridge 12 Months, Limited */**  
  Maintenance      None  
  Patent Pending Design  

Technical Specs based on 80 psi / 5.5 bar:

*205/55R16 Tire Size **Reference condition at 14.7 PSI and 68°F ***80 psi / 5.5 bar / 0.55 MPa

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