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Tornado Scrubber & Dryer Walk Behind Auto Scrubbers

  BR and BD 22/14 and 26/14 Walk-Behind Auto Scrubbers    
  Tornado Scrubber and Dryer   Overview  

Tornado's new BR and BD 22/14 and BD 26/14 medium walk behind scrubbers are designed for use in moderately spaced interiors, and deliver world class scrubbing performance, amazing durability, and environmental sustainability. With Tornado's new world class medium walk-behind auto scrubbers, you'll get enhanced cleaning performance, drier floors and increased building and occupant safety.


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  • Medium walk-behind unit suited for schools, hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and hospitals
• BD unit comes in 22” and 26” models
• BR unit has a 22” cleaning path
• 14 gallon solution tank
• Simple operator interface
• Whisper Quiet 67 dB
• Eco-friendly, 100% non-spill battery available
• Heavy-duty, four-sided, parabolic squeegee
• Coming soon!


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