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Worth 4 Post Lift  
  Worth 4 post lift  
12000 - 18000 - 25000 - 30000  
  Single Point Safety Release   Automatic Back Up Safeties    

Single-Point Safety Release is standard on all Worth 4-post lifts. This is a very convenient feature to keep Technicians from having to walk to each post to release the afeties.


Automatic Back-Up Safeties are standard on all Worth 4-post
lifts. They are located in each post and automatically engage at any
height for added protection.

  Heavy I Beam Runways   26 gallon oil drain pan    

Heavy I-Beam Runways are standard on all 4-post lifts, and on 12000 and 18000 models they are available in 14” or 22” wide.


26 Gallon Oil Drain Pan is
optional on all 4-post lifts. It is ideal for performing all types of fluid services including transmission, oil, differential or cooling systems.

  worth open front lift  
  worth lift  

Additional Features:

* “All Chain” design (No cables to adjust or replace).
* BOTH runways are completely adjustable to
accommodate narrow vehicles as well as wider
* Lifts are powered strictly by electrical hydraulic
power. (No air is needed to operate the lift).

For 12000-18000:
Additional Options:

* “Space Saver” Model For
Extra Narrow Bays
* 50 HZ Motor
* Drive-Thru Runways
* 22” Wide Runways
* Jack Rails
* Rolling Bridge(for use with
bottle jacks)
* Alignment Model

For 25000-30000:
Additional Options:

* Custom Wheelbase up to 30’
* 50 HZ Motor
* Drive-Thru Runways
* Custom Widths
* Rolling Bridge(for use with
bottle jacks)
* Alignment Model

Jacking beams   3 hp power units  

Rolling Air Jacking Beams are
available in 5000, 8000, 15000,
and 20000lb. capacities and are
ideal for tire rotations, and brake


3HP Power Units are standard on all Worth 4-post lifts. They are available in Single or Three Phase power.


Lift Specifications  
  Lift spec  
Alignment Lift Specifications  
  Alignment Lift Spec  

* Note*
* The Models 12000AX and 18000AX have 2 turntable cutouts and 1 set of filler plates
* The Models 25000A and 30000A do not contain rear slip plates. They have turntable cutouts and single position leveling only.
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