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  Simplex   Duplex  
  Simplex     Duplex    
  A150H120-3230   A1505D240-3230  
  A100H120-3230   A100D240-3230  
  A075V080-1230   A075D120-3230  
  A050V080-1230   A075D120-1230  
  A050V060-1230   A050D120-3230  
  A030V060-1230   A050D120-1230  
  The Simplex, Duplex and Gas Driven Individual Professional series of Compressors are widely marketed to the farm, home and light commercial markets, but designed, built and delivered by the same craftsmen that have been the leaders in the Industrial, Commercial and Automotive markets for over 30 years.  
  Gas Driven      
  Gas Driven Driven      
  A130H030-G A055P008-G      

The Gas Drive series is an excellent option for when electricity is not readily available. These heavy duty components ensure durable, long lasting use for when you need it most.

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