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Green Machine Nitrogen Generator

  Nitrogen Conversion Station.  The fastest, most efficient, and only one-size-fits-all nitrogen conversion station
available today!
  Green Machine Nitrogen Generator The Green Machine combines high output
(8 cfm, expandable), complete automation
(up to 6 tires simultaneously), compact size
and portability to provide a single nitrogen
solution for almost any application.
Our state of the art PSA design eliminates
the need for finicky, high maintenance, air
robbing and energy wasting membranes.
No more pressure problems. No more
purity concerns, and no more wondering
if you picked the right size unit.
The Green Machine does it all!
  The Green Machine Nitrogen Conversion Station

The Green Machine is the result of years of market research and the latest in nitrogen technology. It is the perfect unit for almost every application combining unprecedented ease of use and an amazing 8 CFM
rating, with complete mobility! Converts up to 6 tires to nitrogen simultaneously at the touch of a button. Provides instant and, uninterrupted flow with guaranteed, purity up to 99.9%. 

To convert the tires on almost any vehicle to nitrogen, simply remove the valve caps from each tire to be serviced, attach the quick-connect tire service hoses from the Green Machine to the tire valves, select the desired final inflation value on the integrated digital inflator display screen, turn the fill valve to “FILL” and press the “Start” button – that’s it! From this point on the Green Machine takes over, purging out the compressed air in the tires and replacing it with up to 99.9% pure nitrogen. Upon completion the Green Machine equalizes and balances the pressure in the serviced tires to within .3 PSI and emits

  General Specifications    
  Power Requirement                       100-120Vac 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature                 -4°F to 158°F
Compressed Air Input Range      100-200 psi
Nitrogen Purity                                 95-99+% (Adjustable)
Nitrogen Output                    8CFM Rated at 160psi, 80°F
Operating Range                             5-160 psi
Accuracy                                            +/-0.5 psi
Shipping Weight                              465 Pounds
Dimensions (Container)                57”H x 28.5”W x 26”D
Dimensions (Unit)                           52”H x 28”W x 24”D
Limited 5 Year Warranty*
Green Machine Nitrogen Generator 2  
  Expandable Speed and Capacity!  
  Green Machine Nitrogen Generator 3    

Add our optional 30-gallon Storage Tank Kit (PN NCS-8T)
and the Green Machine can tackle SUV and Truck tires of
almost any size! Tank Kit includes mobile platform, feed hose and attaching hardware. Recommended for shops routinely servicing large pick-up trucks and SUVs.

  *Carbon Towers. See Owners Manuals for complete details.    
  The Green Machine’s advanced PSA technology BLOWS away the competition!  
  The PSA Process  
  Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a process of separating molecules of gas from each other. To generate nitrogen using this process, compressed air is forced into a pressure vessel filled with carbon pellets, also known as a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). This action traps and retains the larger nitrogen molecules, which represent about 79% of the air we breath, and releases the smaller oxygen molecules back into the atmosphere. Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) has always been the most efficient process of nitrogen generation…and now it’s also the simplest and most reliable. The Green Machine utilizes rugged CMS towers designed specifically for the rigors of the automotive shop environment and solid-state circuitry that eliminates the need for costly electronics and complex solenoids. It is also backed by an industry leading 5 year Limited Warranty* to ensure years of profitable worry-free ownership.  
  Why you Need a Green Machine  
  Nitrogen inflation is here to stay, and to remain competitive you need a nitrogen solution. The Green Machine is the fastest, most efficient and affordable nitrogen generator on the market…and can pay for itself in just a few months. Studies show that customers are more loyal to shops that provide nitrogen inflation, as they are more prone to return to them for tire checks and top-offs. Show your customers that your business in on the forefront of technology and that you care about their safety and our environment by offering nitrogen inflation.  
  Why Nitrogen?    
  It is not what nitrogen IS that makes it such a beneficial inflation medium, but what it is NOT. Nitrogen is an inert gas, so by definition, it is “nothing,” and that is exactly what you want in your tires: nothing, except proper pressure. The air we breathe is about 79% nitrogen. The reason it is such a poor inflation product is that it also contains about 20% oxygen. While essential for human survival, oxygen is harmful to just about everything that is not a living organism. Oxygen is a component of water (H2O) and the catalyst of oxidation (rust, corrosion and rot). Without the presence of oxygen, there is no opportunity for rust or corrosion to occur, or condensation to form.
Additionally, and more importantly, oxygen has a very small molecular structure. So small in fact, that it is normal for air filled tires to lose 1-3 psi per month from permeation (the process through which the oxygen molecules in compressed air seep through the carcass of a tire). Nitrogen, on the other hand, has a very large molecular structure and the use of nitrogen can virtually eliminate pressure loss from permeation. And, while air is bad for tires, compressed air is even worse. Running air through a compressor typically adds trace amounts of oil
and particulate, as well as water vapor…none of which are good for a tire. So, simply put, nitrogen is air that has been cleaned and stripped of all particulate, oil, water and oxygen, leaving an inflation medium that is pure…and stays put.
  nitrogen pic1

How Tires lose pressure and why it’s important
• Tires lose air pressure naturally through the process of
• A tire inflated with compressed air will normally lose 1 to 3 pounds of pressure per month.
• The warmer the weather, the more pressure tires will lose.                                                                                                • Nitrogen has larger molecules and is 3 to 4 times less likely to escape from tires.
• Maintaining steady and proper tire pressure reduces wear and increases safety.

  What Nitrogen will do for you

What Nitrogen will do for you
• Increases tire life up to 30%
• Improves fuel economy
• Reduces the chance of tire failure up to 50%
• Improves braking and handling
• Reduces running tire temperature
• Reduces wheel corrosion
Maintains proper tire pressure



  Why “wet oxygen”

Why “wet oxygen” in compressed air is harmful
• The “wet oxygen” found in compressed air contains moisture, causing oxidation.
• Over time oxidation breaks down tire rubber
• Oxygen molecules are smaller than nitrogen and leak 3 to 4 times faster.
• After rubber is broken down, it loses elasticity, strength and leaks even more.

  Why nitrogen is better than compressed air

Why nitrogen is better than compressed air
• Nitrogen is a dry gas and free of moisture.
• Nitrogen doesn’t deteriorate rubber like the ”wet oxygen” in compressed air does.
• Nitrogen has a larger molecular structure and won’t leak
like oxygen.
• Nitrogen makes tires less susceptible to air loss with
temperature changes.

  Shipped fully assembled as shown above. Includes 4 Tire Service Hoses. Optional storage tank available separately.    

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