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Samson Oil & Lubrication Equipment

  Samson is part of a worldwide manufacturer of bulk fluid dispensing packages, fluid inventory and management systems, lubrication equipment, control handles, oil drains, hose reels, extraction and evacuation, specialty fluid dispensing roll-a-round units, shop furniture and various other types of equipment.    
  LubeMaster A complete line of portable lubrication equipment including oil, gear, ATF, and grease systems. Mechanical and electronic control handles, used oil drains, hand pumps and speLube Master Samsoncialty extraction/evacuation units..      
  PumpMaster Air operated reciprocating pumps, transfer pumps, diaphragm pumps for the transfer of oil, gear fluid, ATF, grease and other fluids available in 1:1, 3:1, 5:1, 8:1, 10:1 and 55:1 ratios. We also offer specialty pumps and accessories for the pumps as well. The quickest, most efficient pumps available today.      
  Pump Master Samosn      
  ReelMaster A complete offering of industrial grade, high quality, heavy-duty dual arm hose reels for dispensing the above mentioned fluids along with air and water. Enclosed reels, manual rewind reels and oxygen acetylene reels also available. Mounting hardware also offered.      
  Reel Master Samson      
  ProMaster Lever style and pistol type grease guns, barrel pumps, funnels, couplers, adapters, swivels, accessories and grease fittings.      
  Pro Master Samson      
  WorkMaster The highest quality shop furniture available today consisting of workbenches, locking tool cabinets, tool boards and tool carts.      
  WorkMaster Samson      
  ControlMaster A high tech fluid inventory control and fluid management system. Custom designed for each facility.
  Control Master Samson      
  EvacMaster See our informational video for this new product.      
  Evac Master Samson      
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