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PCL Air Technology Aviation Tire Inflation Range


Aviation Range from the tire Inflation Expert air line products & tire inflation

equipment for the Aviation industry and high pressure applications.

  prop 65 warningWarning: This product may expose you to chemicals including lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to  

Aviation Tire Inflation Range

  DAC5A01   Accura 5 Aviation Tyre Inflator With Out Case  
  • Suitable for high pressure environments such as aviation
  • Reduced usage times - driven by the simplicity of use and clear display
  • Reduced operating costs - fast inflation and deflation rates
  • Increased service - high levels of speed, accuracy, and safety
  • Reduced cost of ownership - long product life
  • High versatility - flexible usage
  • Guaranteed accuracy - individual testing supplied with test certificate
  • Ceramic sensor
  • Clear and easy to read digital display
  • Modern, lightweight, and shock-resistant construction
  • Built in metal components and engineered plastics to withstand high pressure
  • Brass inlet and outlet valves
  • Proprietary software increasing accuracy, fine metering, and eliminating the chance of false readings
  • Built in swivel and hanging device
  • 1 psi accuracy
  • Long life battery with low battery warning indicator
  • Reading Accuracy1 psi
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure350 psi
  • Inflation Range3-319 psi
  AFG6A01   Aircraft Tire Inflator 6' 6" Skydrol Hose, Screw On Chucks  

PCL's Aircraft Tire Inflators are designed to be durable, with an aluminium body and impact absorbing rubber bumper.

Designed for high pressure aircraft tires, these robust yet lightweight units are available with a calibration of 45 - 300 psi, and offer guaranteed accuracy.

The magnified linear scale is easy to read, whilst the attractive slim line design with ergonomic "2 click action" trigger makes them comfortable and easy to use. The Aircraft Tire Inflator Model comes complete with "Skydrol" corrosion resistant hose assemblies with 8v1 and 12v1 tire value connectors to suit all aircraft tire values.

  • Reading Accuracy5 psi
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure362.5 psi
  • Inflation Flow500 l/min (1)
  • Inflation Range0-300 psi
  • (1) - @ 13 bar supply


  DAC54A   Digital Aviation Pressure Gauge  
  • Includes 2 tire valve connector types of 8v1 and 12v1 designation
  • Clear digital readout display
  • Highly accurate reading resolution
  • Equipment housed within a foam cut-out with a sturdy yellow plastic carry case for easy identification
  • Allows pressure to be measured and stored for easy reading via the hold function
  • 100% individually tested and certified
  • 0.3m of 4G1 Hydraulic Oil Resistant Armored Hose

The DAC54A Digital Aviation Pressure Gauge is the latest in the line of quality high pressure measuring equipment from PCL.

PCL's Digital Aircraft Pressure Gauge is built for fast, safe, and accurate tire pressure measurement in rugged and testing environments. They are the ideal tool for aviation applications.

  • Head Type8v1 twin hold-on and 12v1 in-line
  • Accuracy3 psi


  TPG54H03   Aircraft Tire Gauge, Standard & Large Bore (50-300 psi)  
  • Black vulcanite handle to withstand continual heavy usage
  • Suitable for use with the standard (8v1) and large bore (12v1) tire valves

With its hard-wearing black vulcanite handle, the Twin Head Aircraft Pressure Gauge is designed to withstand continual heavy usage.

  • Head Type8v1 and 12v1
  • Calibration50-300 psi
  • Reading Resolution5 psi
  • Accuracy5 psi 


  PCL Accura 10      
  Accura 10 Aviation Tire Infaltor      
  Designed for the aviation industry, the aCCura 10 aviation model incorporates all the benefits of PCL’s market leading aCCura range of products with an added high pressure facility, capable of inflating up to 22 bar / 320 psi / 2208 kPa. suitable for use with both air and Nitrogen.  
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