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RTI Filtration Eliminator II E4000 3R

  Eliminator II E4000 3R  
  Iliminator II4000 3R FEATURES
▪ Superior Clean, Dry Air
▪ -40°F Dew Point
▪ Equipped with Auto Drain (1st Stage)
▪ Quick Disconnect Clamp Ring Design
▪ Spin-on/Spin-off Elements
▪ High Flow ⅜” Regulator & Gauge
▪ ½” Shut off Valve on Inlet
▪ True Air Stream Moisture Indicator
▪ High-Efficiency, Low-Cost Product

▪ Featuring a ⅜” Outlet per Paint MFR’s specs
▪ “Inverse Flow™” Filtration with 3½” Filter Depth
▪ Activated Carbon 1st Stage for Oil Removal
▪ Desiccant 2nd Stage for Dew Point Suppression
▪ Non-corrosive Aluminum Bowls & Zemag Heads

▪ Replacement element:
4P-060 & DE401
▪ Maximum air pressure: 150 PSIG
▪ Maximum operating temp: 125°F
▪ Maximum flow to 25 SCFM

▪ Paint Booths
▪ Lacquer Spraying

  Upgrade these popular RTi filter/dryers to spray today’s high tech paints which require lower compressed air
humidity (less than 10%) to guarantee you the flawless finishes that you expect and demand.
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