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RTI Technologies ArcticPRO RHS980  Digital A/C


RHS 980

R134A Recovery, Recycling, Evacuation and Recharging

RTI's revolutionary approach in designing and building a new automotive Air Conditioning service machine is now available! The ArcticPRO™ RHS®980 fully complies with the new SAE J2788 standard and establishes a new productivity benchmark for all A/C refrigerant handling machines. In the RTI tradition of building the most robust, dependable and user friendly service machines, the new ArcticPRO™ RHS®980 really leaves the competition in the dust!




Air Conditioning


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Shipping Dimensions



Operating Ranges

Scale Accuracy

Recovery Accuracy





Condenser Fan

Vacuum Pump

Charging Cylinder

Recycling Filter-Drier





120VAC - 60HZ - 12 AMP

230VAC - 50HZ - 6AMP (Optional)

50 in x 22 in x 35 in

(127 cm x 56 cm x 89 cm) (H xWx D)

Approximately 255 Ibs (116 kg)

32' - 120'F (0'-49'C)

J2788 Compliant (+/- 0.5 oz) (+/- 15 grams)

J2788 Compliant >95% at 70 to 75 Degrees

F(21 to 24 Degrees C) within 30 minutes

9 ft (2.74 m)

3/8HP - 0.8kW, pressure protected,

balanced start-up, oiled, hermetically sealed


7CFM, dual stage, 29.9 In Hg

30 Ib (13.6 kg) DOT

Spin-on type

2Years - Parts and Labor

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RHS980 Catalog Page

RHS980 Catalog Page


Operation Manuals

For RHS980 A/C Service Machines with the following serial number prefix 292000-XXXXXX-XXX
Operation Manual 035-81361-00
For RHS980 A/C Service Machines with the following serial number prefix 315000-XXXXXX-XXX

Technical Documents

MVAC Certification Form

RHS980 ETL Test Report


RTI Warranty


Fully Automatic Operation

• Recover, recycle

• System oil capture

• Vacuum

• Leak test

• Charge, includes auto air purge & low refrigerant



Exterior – LH Side

• Slide-out removable pocket

• Provides quick, easy access to refrigerant  filter

• Convenient document storage


USB Port

• Handily accommodates

data base upgrades

• Convenient for printer



Exterior - Rear Panel

• 10 Micron in-line hose

screens – prevents

contaminants from

entering unit

• Vacuum pump oil –


• Virgin refrigerant

cylinder storage shelf


Rear Wheel Assemblies

• Cushioned, non-inflatable

• Permanently lubed bearing

• No maintenance required



• All controls mounted in 180-degree rotating turret

• Easy to use function input and display pad

• Large highly visible characters

• Intuitive menu-driven functions

• Pre-programmed languages (English, Spanish, French)

• Large-face pressure gauges



• Dramatically boosts

technician productivity

• Perfect during automatic sequence  operation

• Convenient turret location for operation


Exterior – RH Side

• Oil capture bottle

• Oil charge bottle

• Easy exterior accessibility


Rotating Turret

• Final positioning is easy.

• Simply rotate the turret and you’re ready to go!


Cover Assembly

• One-piece composite

• Easily removed

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