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Technologies DCS-1 Diesel Cleaning System


RTI Technologies Diesel Claening System DCS1

Upgrade your service menu with the diesel cleaning system!

Diesel engines will increasingly become more popular in passenger cars and pickup trucks for fuel economy reasons. As with all internal combustion engines, harmful residues form during the combustion process. In diesel engines, these residues deposit in fuel injectors and inside the combustion chamber to dramatically reduce engine performance and reduce fuel economy.

RTI's latest innovation, the DCS-1 Diesel Cleaning System, is designed to efficiently and effectively remove these deposits from the combustion area and restore diesel engine performance and fuel economy. The DCS-1 is easily operated by the service technician and provides a more effective and professional method of diesel fuel system cleaning compared to today's conventional processes. 


Superior Functionality – quick disconnect air fittings, air pressure regulator & gauge included & provide precise control, quick disconnect fittings provided at all fluid connections for fast easy operation

Simple Operation – unscrew cap, fill w/ cleaning solution, hook-up connections - cleaner is gravity fed (air pressure assistance sometimes required) into fuel system during engine operation

High Productivity - operational controls provide precise fluid & air management, eliminates solution waste & shortens operation cycle time

Professional-Use-Equipment – smart looking rugged cabinet manufactured from impact resistant composite, encapsulates all machine components for greater protection in shop environments, conveys professional image & operational competency, validates service


• Power switch

• Timer w/ indicator light & audible warning

• Air pressure regulator

• Air pressure gauge

• Air pressure release valve

• Fuel/air line quick disconnect

• Automatic fluid level Warning


• Compact, lightweight & chemical resistant composite cabinet

• Integrated molded-in carrying handle & feet – keeps unit upright during fill

• Large fill cap/opening – spill proof fill

• Translucent, high-strength composite reservoir – visual fluid check

• Hanger loop - sturdy, Versatile




Diesel Cleaning System


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DCS-1 Catalog Page

DCS-1 Catalog Page

Operation Manuals

035-813370-00 DCS-1





Cleaning fluid capacity



Pressure Source

Inlet Pressure Range

Pressure Control

Electrical Power Source


Alarm type




Compatible cleaning fluids





1 qt, 8 oz (1.0 liter)

Includes two (2) 9 ft color coded supply and

return hoses; one (1) fuel tank bypass hose

Compressed air or Nitrogen

0 psi to 50 psi maximum

0 psi to 50 psi manual regulator

3.0 VDC, requires two (2) AA batteries for

power; batteries included

Red light indicator, audible buzzer

19 in x 13 in x 5 in (48 cm x 33 cm x 13 cm) (H x W x D)

9.0 lb (4.1 kg)

Impact and corrosion resistant composite

Diesel fuel system cleaner

Domestic/Import automobile basic adapter kit included.

1 Year parts & Labor


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