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RTI Technologies ATX2 Automatic Fluid Exchange System


RTI Technologies Transmission ATX2


Fully Automatic Operation

Press the fluid amount you wish to exchange and walk away. Audible and visual alerts when exchange is complete. Averages only 2-5 minutes!



The most technologically advanced transmission machines in the industry. ATX-2 is a fully automatic system that can service a vehicle in 2-5 minutes. The ATX-2PS offers the automatic transmission fluid exchange service as well as the power steering system which comes as a combo unit.


  Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger    

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Auto Trans ATX 2-5 minutes

Coolant MCX 1-3 minutes

Coolant VCX II 5-15 minutes

Power Steering PSX 5-15 minutes

Brake System BFX 5-10 minutes

Differential DFX 10-15 minutes


ATX-2 + Boost Option

• Includes suction booster pump

• Decreases service time on low-low/temp

controlled transmissions

• Factory option & accessory kit

RTI’s ATX series automatic transmission fluid exchangers

offer more benefits to the service organization than any

other brand including:

Easy Operation - Electronic keypad, logical intuitive

command functions

Superior Productivity – fully automatic operation, multi-fluid

exchange capability, transmission pressure diagnostics

Extremely Fast Process Times – high volume fill pump,

precision fluid measurement to minimize technician input

Professional Service –digital weight scale technology for

precise fluid flow measurement & accurate fluid exchange,

proportional motor control maximizes exchange percentage

Application Flexibility – comprehensive color-coded adapter

set with reference guide

Peace-of-Mind – patented by pass circuit for vehicle

protection if power is interrupted

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