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RTI Technologies ATX-3 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger with Dipstick Tube Exchange


ATX3 transmission fluid exchager

Fully Automatic Operation
Press the fluid amount you wish to exchange and walk away. Audible and visual alerts when exchange is complete. Averages only 2-5 minutes!

ATX-3 offers the best of both worlds - exchange through tradition vehicle hook-up while also giving the option of exchanging fluid directly through the dipstick. As the choice of the World's Largest Transmission Specialty Chains; the ATX systems are fast, automatic and reliable.



When its time to replace vehicle fluids, the most efficient, competent and professional way to do it is with equipment specifically designed for the task, RTI Technologies FluidPRO™Fluid Exchange Service Equipment. RTI FluidPRO™equipment is designed to quickly and competently extract used, contaminated fluids out of automatic transmissions, vehicle cooling systems, vehicle braking systems, vehicle power steering systems, manual transmissions and drive axles and replace them with clean and fresh replacements. FluidPRO™systems perform exchanges fast and efficiently and best of all, technicians love the “no clean-up mess!”


Every piece of FluidPRO™equipment provides quick and complete fluid exchange. In most instances every operation will yield in excess of a 90% fluid exchange in a single pass! When these services are performed

manually, a 55-65% fluid exchange is the norm depending upon circumstances. So with RTI FluidPRO™service equipment, the term service competency is the hallmark of our product line! Its no wonder, when service shops need the best, they specify FluidPRO™from RTI Tech!


  Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger  

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Auto Trans ATX 2-5 minutes

Coolant MCX 1-3 minutes

Coolant VCX II 5-15 minutes

Power Steering PSX 5-15 minutes

Brake System BFX 5-10 minutes

Differential DFX 10-15 minutes

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• Conveniently located

dipstick tube adapter

• Provides dipstick

tube service




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