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Mytee Carpet Cleaning Products

  AUTOMOTIVE 20 110 mytee 8070 mytee
  Detail Extractor
  20-110 Prep Center
  8070 Mytee Lite hp60 mytee hp120 mytee
  HP60 Spyder
  HP120 Grand Prix
  S-300 Tempo s tempo mytee s 300 h tempo mytee
  S-300 H Tempo
  Encapping eco 17 mytee eco 17 express  
  ECO-17-EX HP Orbital All-Surface Floor Machine  
  ECO-17 Orbital All-Surface Floor Machine
  Vapor Steamer 1500 focus mytee  
  1500 Focus  
  Heated ltd 3 mytee 101 200 dx mytee
  LTD3 Speedster® Heated Carpet Extractor
  1001DX-200 Speedster® Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor
  1003DX Speedster® Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor 103 dx mytee bz 101 breeze mytee
  2002CS Contractor’s Special™ Heated Carpet Extractor
  Non Heated ltd 5 mytee td 12 mytee  
  LTD5 Speedster® Carpet Extractor
  TD12 Speedster® Carpet Extractor
  1000DX-200 Speedster® Deluxe Carpet Extractor 100 dx 200 mytee bz 500 mytee  
  1005LX Speedster® Deluxe Carpet Extractor  
  BZ-105 Breeze™ Carpet Extractor  
    7000 Floor Hog mytee    
  Floor Restoriation    
  7000SX Flood Hog™ Flood Extractor    
  Vacuum Booster  7003 mytee air hog    
  7303 Air Hog™ Vacuum Booster    
  Rotary Extractions      
    t rex jr myetee t rex mytee  
  T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction  
  T-REX™ Jr. Total Rotary Extractor  
  Tile and Grout Cleaner ltd 12 mytee 8901 mytee  
  LTD12 Speedster® Carpet Extractor  
  8903 Wand Style 1.5″ Spinner® Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool  
  8902 T-Handle Style 2″ Spinner® Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool 8903 mytee 8902 mytww  
  8904 T-Handle Style 1.5″ Spinner® Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool  
  Truckmounts escape truckmount mytee    
  Escape™ ETM Electric Truckmount    
  Upholstery spotters      
    8070 mytee s300 tempo  
  8070 Mytee Lite™ Heated Carpet Extractor  
  S-300H Tempo™ Heated Extractor  
  S-300 Tempo™ Upholstery Spotter  
    1500 focus    
  Vapor Steamer    
  1500 Focus™ Vapor Steamer    

Mytee Carptet Cleaning Products range from carpets to upholstery, to hard surface cleaning and flood extraction. Superior performance , The new Speedster® LTD line of extractors will take your cleaning capabilities to the next level with the combination of power, versatility and efficiency. The Speedster® line of carpet extractors are powerful, portable, user-friendly and affordable. Mytee’s® S-300 Tempo™ Carpet Spotter Extractor is a powerhouse. The Mytee Dry airmover is energy efficient but powerful, lightweight but strong, versatile and reliable – this popular powerhouse has it all! This upholstery spotter/detailer is: The PowerGlide™ tackles the most challenging cleaning jobs, while offering convenient, ergonomic features.

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