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Amermac Tire Truer, Strippers and Ring Lathes

  Tire Truers

Wheel Adapters

  PortaTruerAccessories Series 80  
  Strobe Balancer Wheel Spinner  
  Amermac 501 a amerimac 525 spinner  
  Stripper Ring Lathe  
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Your wheel and tire service shop is not complete without
Amermac's profitable Tire Truing equipment.

  What is Tire Truing?    
  Tire truing is the process of making tires perfectly round to the wheel. Most tires are not perfectly round, due to a high spot on the tire. This condition is referred to as out-of-round. By gently shaving the high spot off of the tire, the out-of-roundness is corrected. Tire truing can benefit everyone who has a vehicle by reducing road vibrations, extending the life of a vehicles tires and suspension, and also improving fuel economy.  
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