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Amermac Adapters

  Amermac Adapters group a   GROUP A
Adapters for "older" automobiles.  Te kit consists of 7 pieces which can also be purchased separately.  Includes: SP-BP Back-Up Plate
SP-N   Wing Nut
SP-2   Red: for Fords, Plymouth, etc.
SP-3   Yellow:  for Chevrolets, Lancer, etc.
SP-4   Blue:  for All other American cars
  amermac group b   GROUP B Adapter is adjustable from 80-205mm to fit 4,5,6, and 8 lug bolt wheels.  For Volkswagen, Pickup Trucks.  Includes short and long arms, wing nut, and plate.  
  universal truck adapter   GROUP C Universal Truck Adapter for disc wheel only.  Also accepts Pontiac Grand Prix open center wheels.  Includes 5 arms and a complete ring of nuts.    
  amermac adapter group d   GROUP D Adapters specifically designed for Mandrel Mount.  Includes: D-1  4-lug
D-2  5-lug
5 Hex Studs 1/2 x 1/2
5 Hex Studs 1/2 x 7/16
5 Silver Lug Bolts
  universal truck adapter   GROUP E Universal Truck Adapter.
Fits 20" and 22" rims for Dayton type or spoke type wheels.
  amermac adapter   GROUP F Adapter for older metric wheels.
Shaft application.
Includes 5 lug bolts.
  h plate adapters amermac   H PLATE ADAPTERS
Aluminum plate and Backup plate are for hub mount truck wheels and buses.  These rims do not use bolt circles because they are piloted in the center.  Flat nuts are indicators for this type of rim.  All orders must be accompanied by a micrometer measurement of the inside of the center hole.  The 2 inch bore fits on the Series 80 backing plate.  Bushings and plates are also for precision use on computer balancers.  These adapters are an upgrade to a more consistent mounting system.  The complete line of H Plate Adapters include:
HBP-001 Backing Plate
HHD-001 Heavy Trucks 228.2/220.2 MM
HHD-002 Buses, Other 221.1/220.1 MM
HHD-003 90" (271.5 MM)
HHD-011 281.22/220.1MM
HHD-012 281.2 MM
HHD-C 220.1 MM
HLD-003 Ford, F150 138.68/123.95/87 MM
HLD-004 GM 133.35/115.82/158.75 MM
HLD-005 Ford, F250-F450 170.22/125.1 MM
HLD-008 Ford F250 Hub Pilot or Aftermarket Lug-- 125.1MM/6-11/16" Pod or Lug 8/4 Pattern
HLD-009 Aluminum Plate 72.5MM/74MM (BMW)
HLD-0010 Aftermarket-Ford 130.8MM
  amermac adapter series 80   SERIES 80 ADAPTERS  
    Pod Plates:

4 lug inch & mm
5 lug inch & mm
Back Up Plate
Mandrel Nut
Wing Nut

      5 Each:

Short Pods 1 7/8" long
Long Pods 2 7/8" long
Short Studs 1 5/8" long
Long Studs 2 1/8" long
Lug Nuts
Accu Turn Bushing 46MM
Amermac Bushing 50.8MM
Brannick Bushing 30MM
Coats Bushing 26.8MM
HOFF-1 Hoffman Bushing (Steel) 40MM
8L-170mm x 2                                      8 lug Ford 170mm pod or lug
6L-135mm x 2 Expedition                  6 lug Ford 135mm pod or lug
5L-135mm x 2                                      5 lug Ford 135mm pod or lug
6L-4.5" or 114.3mm DDK                  6 lug  Doge Dakota pod or lug
6L 5 1/2"                                                6 lug  Chevy 5.5" pod or lug
HLD-008 125.1mm/6 11/16"             Ford F-250 Hub Pilot or Aftermarket lug
pod or lug 8/4 pattern
LMM 3 1/2" and BAN 4                         Legend and Bandolero Mandrel Mount
                                                                 with 4-1/2-20 Lug Bolt
1" Dia. 2 3/8" Log Pods for                 Chevy Tahoe, Silverado, some Ford
Aluminum Tapered Wheels
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