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Cemb Tire Changer Equipment

  This CEMB tire changer is best suited for gas stations, small garages and auto salvage yards. With CEMB's SM825 you get CEMB high quality for a low price. This CEMB SM915 PRO tire changer is designed especially to handle tough to change tires, like low profiles and run flats in a high performance service shop. This tire changer is best suited for large garages, wheel specialty shops, car dealerships and tire dealers. Comes with Low Profile Press Arm, so this tire changer lets you easily change stiff side walls tires. CM27T is a universal electro-hydraulic tire changer for truck tire dealers, bus companies, municipalities and large construction companies, featuring two operating speeds. Comes fully assembled. Cemb’s new SM1120 is an automatic high performance tire changer designed primarily for low profile, UHP and run flat tires.  


  Automotive Tire Changer

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  SM915 Ati
  Motorcycle Tire Changer    
  Truck Tire Changer      
  Some of CEMB's tire changer are best suited for gas stations, small garages and auto salvage yards. SM815 comes fully assembled. This high quality tire changer has the ability to serve both light trucks and all standard SUV’s as well as specialty vehicles such as motorcycles.  
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