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Generators and Invertors

  FIRMAN Power Equipment Performance and Whisper Series Generators and invertors. The FIRMAN OHV engine (Max-Pro Series) for longer life, higher performance and lower maintenance. FIRMAN Power Equipment is proud to offer a 3 year warranty on every generator and inverter we sell – •More Power – Firman gens provide 10-20% more power than our competition in every category, and our power output claims are true and tested. •Longer Run Times – Up to 14 hours . •Larger Fuel Tanks – 5 gallon on the 3650W family and 8 gallon on the 5700W & 8000W Gens. •Four function multi meters on every generator. •All-in-one-box – Everything you need to get running is in the box, including oil & wrenches. •Easy to read graphics – Part of our “Silent Salesman” strategy – The packaging is clear enough and of high enough quality to sell the gens. •Product Mix – Full line of Open Frame gens, Inverters and Dual Fuel Hybrids.  
  Firman Generators and Inverters      
  Performance Series      
  Model P03601   Firman Generators perforance series 3601  
  Model P03603 Remote    
  Model WO3083    
  Model P08003 Remote    
  Model PO1201      
  Whisper Series      
  Model WO1781   Firman Generator Whiseper Series  
  Model W03081    
  Model P05701    
  Model W03082    
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