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Tuxedo Distributores Equipment

  Tuxedo Distributors are supplies Body Shops or Workshop's with a wide range of Equipment for example  lifts, wheel balancers, tire changers, shop presses, transmission jack, under hoist stand, oil drain, cylinder, curing lamps, ac service equipment, paint spray booth and tool boxes.  
  Lifts   Automotive Tire changer    
  Wheel Balancer Shop Press  
  Lifts Tire Changer  
  Transmission Jack Wheel Balancer Oil Drains Shop Presses  
  Under Hoist Stand mIscellaneous equipment  
  Transmission Jack Oil Drain  
  Cylinders Under Hoist Stand Spray Washer Cabinet Misc. Shop Equipment  
  paint spray booth Frame Staightener  
  Cylinder Spray Washer Cabinet  
  Brake Lathe Paint Spray Booth rottisierie Frame Straightener  
  sandblaster Power units  
  Brake Lathe Rottiserie  
    Sand Blaster  

Power Units

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