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Steel Guard Safety Products

  Steel Guard Safety Products use Superior Materials and Construction for their Industrial Curtain Walls — Dividers, Barriers, Welding & Safety Products . Fine Craftsmanship with U.S. Made Materials. Safety Guard use only the finest materials in their industrial curtain walls, PVC safety curtains, welding blankets, welding curtains, and welding screens to protect your plant's environment from heat & cold, dust, weld flash, noise, chemicals, and many other industrial hazards. All of our industrial safety products are manufactured by skilled Craftsmen and Craftswomen right here in the U.S.A.  
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  Safety     Saftey-2  
  Steel Guards industrial safety solutions cover areas in assembly lines, cutting and grinding, clean rooms, food production, CNC routers, robotic cells, laser light cells, or wherever dangers in your plant may be. Our industrial safety barriers are customizable to meet your size, width, fabric and specific accessory requirements.      


  Warehouse and Cold Storage     WarehouseColdStorage  
  Warehouse curtain dividers are an inexpensive solution to control temperatures in plants or refrigeration-freezer areas, while products like Flo-Tex mesh curtain walls help your plant create more air flow and stop bugs and pests. All products have the option to customize to your desired size, width and accessories.      
  Welding     Welding  
  Steel Gards welding safety barriers – curtains, screens, blankets and weld strips – cover all of the associated problems with weld flash, dust and grinding, or even specialized issues like high temperature barriers or heat-treating.      
  Autobody     Autobody  
  Automotive divider curtains offer various applications to create prep stations, paint and spray booths, wash bays and even welding workspaces. All garage divider curtain walls are constructed with the strong materials that are often required in the automotive industry, providing safety for staff as well as protection for vehicles.      
  Agriculture     agricultural  
  Steel Guards curtain wall panels and tarps are constructed to properly maintain desired temperatures and protect agricultural facilities from harsh weather elements such as extreme heat, humidity, snow and ice. Both your facilities and livestock will benefit from the use of our barn curtains. The curtain materials and hardware used in these products are customizable to meet the specific needs of many types of agricultural locations. There are several ways that our barn curtains can insulate and protect your facilities.      
  Institutional     Institutional  
  Steel Guards wide variety of materials in combination with our long-standing experience in manufacturing gives you a line of products that are well built. Our hospital medical divider curtains are excellent for barriers against germs and disease, and the opaque materials used provide sufficient privacy for patients. These safety products are ideal for accompanying other safety standards in a medical facility, and we offer both shower curtains and curtains for patient cubicles.      
  Check out all of Steel Guards Products and give us a call for the Best Prices  
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