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Tire Service Equipment


Tire Service International offers a variety of tire service products. Choose from the categories below to view products.
AME International manufactures quality products and equipment for tire and wheel service. We produce a complete range of OTR tire and tire-related accessories and equipment. BRANICK Tire Inflation Cages are available in five models. Choose the model you need; passenger, light truck, truck of bus applications.

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Bead breaker

nitrogen system


Tire Grooves


Service Ship Storage


Branik Inflation Cages


Branick Tire spreader

  Tire Changer     Brake Bleeder  
  Service Shop and Storage     Curing Rings  
  Tire Sipers     Inflation Cages  
  Cheetah Bead Seaters     Strut Tools  
  Expanding Wheel & Rim Adapter     Tire Spreader  
  Service Shop & Storage     Tire Cutter  
  Recycling Equipment     Tire Service  
  Amermac Tire Truer & Balancers     Tire Inflation Tool  
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Aluminium Jacks



Mining Jack



Bead Breker

  Bead Breaking Hydraulic Rams     Heavy Duty Equipment Tire Inflation Cage



Aluminum Jacks

  Pumps and Cylinders     Jacks  
        Torque Products  
  Truck Accessories        
        Tire Inflation Cages  
  Tire Lubrications        
        Bead Breakers and Rams  
  Heavy duty Truck Tools        
        OTR Mining  
        Cribbing and Wheel Chocks  
  Hydraulic Bead Breakers        
        Tire Changer & Balancer Accessories  
  Jack Stands and Ramps        
        Heavy Duty Shop Tools & Equipment  
  Airbag Lifting Jacks          
      Aluminium Jacks    
  Speacialty Pullers            
    Universal Ring Puller          
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