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TSI - Tire Service International

  Tire Service Equipment offers a variety of tire service products. Choose from the categories below to view products. If you have any questions about a specific product we offer, please call us.  



Please go to this link to see the full product list or call us direct for the best price

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  AME International manufactures quality products and equipment for tire and wheel service. We produce a complete range of OTR tire and tire-related accessories and equipment.

In most cases, our products are sold under the AME brand. We also market our goods under the following brands: Little Buddy Bead Breaker, Big Buddy Bead Breaker, Super Buddy Bead Breaker, Rhino Mining Jacks, Titan Shop Equipment, Maxi-Lite Lifting Cylinders, Pow’r Riser II, X-tend and ALCOA Discmates.