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Carpet Extractor Floor Machines and Vacuum

  Mytee   Mytee  
  Mytee Vacuum    
  AUTOMOTIVE   Floor Restoriation  
      7000SX Flood Hog™ Flood Extractor  
  Detail Extractor      
      Vacuum Booster   
  20-110 Prep Center      
      7303 Air Hog™ Vacuum Booster  
  8070 Mytee Lite      
  HP60 Spyder   Rotary Extractions  
  HP120 Grand Prix      
      T-REX™ Total Rotary Extraction  
  S-300 Tempo      
      T-REX™ Jr. Total Rotary Extractor  
  S-300 H Tempo      
      Escape™ ETM Electric Truckmount  
  ECO-17 Orbital All-Surface Floor Machine   Upholstery spotters  
  ECO-17 HP Orbital All-Surface Floor Machine   8070 Mytee Lite™ Heated Carpet Extractor  
      S-300H Tempo™ Heated Extractor  
  Vapor Steamer      
      S-300 Tempo™ Upholstery Spotter  
  1500 Focus      
      Vapor Steamer  
  Extractor Heated      
      1500 Focus™ Vapor Steamer  
  LTD3 Speedster® Heated Carpet Extractor      
  1001DX-200 Speedster® Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor   Tile and Grout Cleaner  
  1003DX Speedster® Deluxe Heated Carpet Extractor   LTD12 Speedster® Carpet Extractor  
  2002CS Contractor’s Special™ Heated Carpet Extractor   8901 Wand style 2″ Spinner® Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool  
      8903 Wand Style 1.5″ Spinner® Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool  
  Non Heated      
      8904 T-Handle Style 1.5″ Spinner® Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool  
  LTD5 Speedster® Carpet Extractor      
  TD12 Speedster® Carpet Extractor      
  1000DX-200 Speedster® Deluxe Carpet Extractor      
  1005LX Speedster® Deluxe Carpet Extractor      
  BZ-105 Breeze™ Carpet Extractor      
  Mytee Carptet Cleaning Products range from carpets to upholstery, to hard surface cleaning and flood extraction. Superior performance , The new Speedster® LTD line of extractors will take your cleaning capabilities to the next level with the combination of power, versatility and efficiency. The Speedster® line of carpet extractors are powerful, portable, user-friendly and affordable. Mytee’s® S-300 Tempo™ Carpet Spotter Extractor is a powerhouse. The Mytee Dry airmover is energy efficient but powerful, lightweight but strong, versatile and reliable – this popular powerhouse has it all! This upholstery spotter/detailer is: The PowerGlide™ tackles the most challenging cleaning jobs, while offering convenient, ergonomic features.  
  Tornado   Tornado  
  Tornado Scubber & Dyer   Tornado Scrubber 7 Dryer  

Carpet Care Models


Carpet Care Models




CK LW 13/1 8 pound Lightweight Vacuum


Windshear Sidedraft Blower/Dryer


CK 14/1 Pro 14 in. Upright Vacuum


Windshear Downdraft Whole Room Dryer PS Spotter


CK 14/2 Pro Dual Motor Upright Vacuum


PS Spotter Professional Spotter


CV 30 and CV 38 Commercial Upright Vacuums


Marathon 350 Carpet Spotter Carpet Spotter


CV 38 Dual and CV 48 Dual Dual Motor Vacuums


Mini-Marathon 425 4.26 Gal. Carpet Extractor


CK 3030 Dual Motor Upright Vacuum


Marathon Carpetrinser Upright Extractor


Pac-Vac® Aircomfort Backpack Vacuums


BR 13/1 MW Family Multi-Surface Scrubber


TV2 Canister Vacuum Cannister Vacuum


Marathon 800 and 1200 8/12 Gal. Carpet Extractors


Windshear Storm"Driven Air" Blower/Dryer


Marathon 2000 20 gal. Carpet Extractor


Windshear® 3000 Blower/Dryer


The Room-Mate Effortless Operation and Maximum Productivity


Windshear SD 3500 Safety Blower/Dryer


Pac-Vac 6 Roam Unrivaled Comfort and Cordless Operation


Tank Vacuum Scrubber and Dryers


Tank Vacuum Scrubber and Dryers


Taskforce® External Filter Commercial Tank Vacuum


Jumbo Air Series Jumbo Industrial Vacuums


Taskforce® External Air Filter Commercial Tank Vacuum


Jumbo Electric Series Jumbo Industrial Vacuums


Taskforce® CFV Vacuums Critical Filtration with HEPA


Scrubbers and Dryers


Scrubbers and Dryers


BR 13/1 MW Family Multi-Surface Scrubber


BD 28/20 Large Walk-Behind Scrubber


BR 16/3 Compact Floor Scrubber


BD 26/26 Walk-Behind Scrubber


BD 14/4 Compact Cordless Scrubber


BR 28/27 and BD 26/27 Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers


BD 17/6 Compact Cordless Scrubber


BR and BD 33/30 Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers


EZ Floorkeeper® 20" and 24" Floor Scrubbers


BR 40/66 and BD 40/66 Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers


BR 18/11 and BD 20/11Small Walk-Behind Scrubbers


BD 32/26 Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber


BR 22/14 and BD 26/14 Medium Walk-Behind


Floor Machines and Burnishers


Floor Machines and Burnishers


M Series Floor Machines Electric Floor Machines


Battery Glazer 17 Ultra High-Speed Burnisher


P Series Floor Machines Electric Floor Machines


2500 B Clean-Air Glazer™


P Series Glazers Electric Glazers


Kawasaki ProGlazer® Propane Burnishers


BR Vario II Cylindrical Brush Machine


OB 20 A New Generation of Floor Machine






Sweepers and Dryers


Specialty Products






EB 30 Battery Powered Sweeper


DE 4002 Chemical-Free Steamer


SWM 31/9Manual Push Sweeper


BR 460 ESC Escalator Cleaner Escalator Cleaner


SWB 26/8 Battery Sweeper



  Tornado's new walk-behind scrubber offers world class scrubbing, a wide cleaning path and large capacity solution and recovery tanks.  
  shop air Lowes wet and dry   Air mover Bulldog  
  Air Cleaner Series   Heavy Duty Portable Series  
  Air Mover™ Series   Industrial Series  
  AllAround® Series   Micro Series  
  Ash Vacuum Series   Pump Vac Series  
  Blower Vac Series   Shop-Air® Series  
  BullDog® Series   Shop-Can® Series  
  Floormaster® Mop Bucket Series   The Right Stuff Series  
  Hardware Store Wet/Dry Vac Series   Wall-Mount Series  
  Hardware Store Wet/Dry Vac - Coming Soon      


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