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Tornado Scrubber Dryer and Vacuums

  Carpet Care Models   Carpet Care Models
  CK LW 13/1
8 pound Lightweight Vacuum
Carpet Care Tornado Windshear Sidedraft
  CK 14/1 Pro
14 in. Upright Vacuum
Windshear Downdraft
Whole Room Dryer PS Spotter
  CK 14/2 Pro
Dual Motor Upright Vacuum
PS Spotter
Professional Spotter
  CV 30 and CV 38
Commercial Upright Vacuums
  Marathon 350 Carpet Spotter
Carpet Spotter
  CV 38 Dual and CV 48 Dual
Dual Motor Vacuums
Tornado Carpet Care Mini-Marathon 425
4.26 Gal. Carpet Extractor
  CK 3030
Dual Motor Upright Vacuum
Marathon Carpetrinser
Upright Extractor
  Pac-Vac® Aircomfort
Backpack Vacuums
BR 13/1 MW Family
Multi-Surface Scrubber
  TV2 Canister Vacuum
Cannister Vacuum
  Marathon 800 and 1200
8/12 Gal. Carpet Extractors
  Windshear Storm
"Driven Air" Blower/Dryer
Tornado Carpet Care Marathon 2000
20 gal. Carpet Extractor
  Windshear® 3000
The Room-Mate
Effortless Operation and Maximum Productivity
  Windshear SD 3500
Safety Blower/Dryer
Pac-Vac 6 Roam
Unrivaled Comfort and Cordless Operation
  Tank Vacuum Scrubber and Dryers   Tank Vacuum Scrubber and Dryers
  Taskforce® Wet/Dry Series
Commercial Tank Vacuum
Tornado Tank Jumbo Internal Wet-Only
Wet-Only Industrial Vacuum
  Taskforce® External Filter
Commercial Tank Vacuum
Jumbo Air Series
Jumbo Industrial Vacuums
  Taskforce® External Air Filter
Commercial Tank Vacuum
Jumbo Electric Series
Jumbo Industrial Vacuums
  Taskforce® CFV Vacuums
Critical Filtration with HEPA
  Scrubbers and Dryers   Scrubbers and Dryers
  BR 13/1 MW Family
Multi-Surface Scrubber
Tornado Scrubber Vacuum BD 28/20
Large Walk-Behind Scrubber
  BR 16/3
Compact Floor Scrubber
BD 26/26
Walk-Behind Scrubber
  BD 14/4
Compact Cordless Scrubber
BR 28/27 and BD 26/27
Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers
  BD 17/6
Compact Cordless Scrubber
  BR and BD 33/30
Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers
    Tornado Scrubber2  
  EZ Floorkeeper®
20" and 24" Floor Scrubbers
BR 40/66 and BD 40/66
Ride-On Automatic Scrubbers
  BR 18/11 and BD 20/11
Small Walk-Behind Scrubbers
BD 32/26
Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber
  BR 22/14 and BD 26/14
Medium Walk-Behind
  Floor Machines and Burnishers    
  M Series Floor Machines
Electric Floor Machines
Tornado Floor Machine Battery Glazer 17
Ultra High-Speed Burnisher
  P Series Floor Machines
Electric Floor Machines
2500 B
Clean-Air Glazer™
  P Series Glazers
Electric Glazers
Kawasaki ProGlazer®
Propane Burnishers
  BR Vario II
Cylindrical Brush Machine
OB 20
A New Generation of Floor Machine
  Sweepers and Dryers    
  EB 30
Battery Powered Sweeper
Tornado Sweeper  
  SWM 31/9
Manual Push Sweeper
  SWB 26/8
Battery Sweeper
  Specialty Product Tornado Speacialty    
  DE 4002
Chemical-Free Steamer
  BR 460 ESC Escalator Cleaner
Escalator Cleaner
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  Tornado's new walk-behind scrubber offers world class scrubbing, a wide cleaning path and large capacity solution and recovery tanks.