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Corghi Equipment Tire Products

  Our mission is to provide superb engineering, offer state-of-the-art equipment at fair market prices and extend excellent follow-up service to distributors and end-users.  
  Corghi Tire Changers   Corghi Wheel Balancer  
  Tire Changer   Wheel Balancer  
  Corghi heavy duty wheel service equipment   Corghi speciality equipment accessories


  Heavy Duty Wheel Service Equipment   Specialty Equipment Accessories  
  Corghi has superb engineering and state of the art Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer, Heavy Duty Wheel Service Equipment, Specialty Equipment Accessories.  
  In addition to tire changers, Corghi also offers wheel balancers and other product lines dedicated to wheel service.  
  Corghi Main    
  Corghi Wheel Balancer    
  Corhgi Tire Changer    
  Corghi Heavy Duty Wheel Service Equipment    
  Corghi Specialty Equipment Accessories    
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