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Ex-Cell Kaiser Refuse and Safety Products




  Ex-Cell Kaiser designs and manufactures high-quality products for the recycling, hospitality and facility management industries. They are committed to protecting the environment and proud to manufacture the majority of our products in the U.S.A.  
    urn refuse bin Green urn bin  
  Ashtray Large Capacity Flip Tabletop 63 BLX 63-BG BLX
  URN & Sand Pioneer Floor 160 F, 160F BG, 160S, 155
  Universal Padlock 200L
  Dispenser Toilet Tissue 200S, 200D      
    Dust Pan Bronz Toilet Roll Dispenser  
  Dispenser Paper Towl 242 SS Towel Disp
  Dustpan Large Capacity 304, 305 brassm 306 Stainless
  Industrial Dustpan & Lobby Broom 320, 321
  Mop and Broom Holder 332, 333 SS/ 333-4, 334SS, 335 SS      
    Laundry Caddy Colored urn trash bin  
  Mop and Broom Holder The Clincher 330-6 WHT2
  Bucket Dolly Heavy Duty 455 BLS
  Laundy Caddy 456 W CHR, 469 WCB
  Smoking Urn Pedestal 501 CPDR-FLIP      
  Ash Urn Wall Mounted 640 SS Blue rufuse bin Hanger rails  
  Rach and Double Hook Wall Mounted 700SA, 701, CHR, 703 SA
  Racks Aluminium Wall Mounted 707-A, 707-AC
  Rack Coat and Hat Wall Mounted 732 CHR, 748 CHR
  Rack Luggage Hospitality Series 750 CHR-BLK, 856 MAH-BLK, 856 WAL-BLK Rails Cart  
  BellmansCart Travelers Series Complete 780 EC, 780BB, 780CHR, 780SS
  Platform Truck Carpeted 788 H-2 W/Red
  Garment Rack Mobile / Stationary 790-S 790-D, Boot Racks, Casters
  Echelon Collection EH      
    Bronze Bin  
  Refuse Arena Collection HR 1733 A/T HB, HR 3133 A/T HB
  Refuse International Collection Int 1528 T-8
  Refuse International Collection INT1528 T-8 SS
  Refuse International Collection Int 1528 T-8 XX DB, INT1531 D-6 XX DB      
  Refuse inInternational Collection Inte 1531 D-6 SS, RX-1531 D-6 SS Parks bin Parks bin Large  
  Refuse Bin Landscape Series RC-34R DM Cans RBL
  Refuse Bin Parks & Recreationa Economy Series RC-55 TDM RBL & RC-55 TND RBL


  Refuse Bin Smiley RC-1528-3 RBL/BLK, RC-1528-3SS      
  Refuse Bin Celebrity Collection RC-2234-2 Combo SS Refuse red  
  Refuse Bin Celebrity RC-224F SS
  Refuse Bin Landscape Series RC-2441 Cans RBL
  Refuse Bin Kaleidoscope XL Series RC-KD17, RC-KD36
  Refuse Bin Kaleidoscopo Series RC-KDHR, RC-KDSQ      
    Silver bin REcycle Blue bin  
  Casters set of 4 RC-MTR Casters
  Refuse Bin Metro Collection XL RC-MTR-34 RC-MTR-34 R HCPR, RC-MTR-34 TR
  Refuse Metro Collection RC-MTR-1, RC-MTR-2, RC-MTR-2 Hammered Copper
  Refuse Metro Collection RC-MTR-1, RC-MTR-2, RC-MTR-3 Stainless Steel      
    Blue Recycle bin Green Park Refuse Bin  
  Refuse Bins Streetscape RC-SC2633 RBL, RC-SCD2633 RBL
  Refuse Recycle Bin Clan Grid Collapsible RGU-1836-C,RGU-1836-COM, RGU=1836-T
  Refuse Recycle Bin Ellipse Collection RGU-3645, RGU-3645 ID
  Refuse Bin Streetscape SCD-2633, SCTP-40 D, SCTP-40 D NO      
  Urn Smokers Oasis SRS-1 Pederstal Urn Kelidescope Gray silver bin  
  Smokers Oasis Lock Kit SR-LCK Kit
  Sanitizing Wipe Companion SW-1528 TWL SS BLX
  Sanitizing Wipe Dispenser SW-DSP-01 SS
  Refuse Bin Venue Collection VCR-33 PERF SS, VCT-33 PERF SS      
  Refuse Bin Landscape Series WR-10R, WR-10R CVR shop recycle Shop Sivler Bins  
  Refuse Bin Landscape Series WR-22R, WR-34R
  Refuse Bin Premier Series WR-33F
  Refuse BinLandscape Series WR-34R DM
  Refuse Bin Parks and Recreation Economy Series WR-55 PL GR, WR-55 TND PL GR
  Refuse Bin Landscape Series WR690 Silver Bin Mounted Urn  
  Refuse Bin Premier Series WR-2234F
  Refuse Bin Landscape Series WR-2441 T BLK
  Rails Deluxe Marble noteminder check order rails
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